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Video ads take your marketing beyond expectations
Video ads are a brilliant addition to your digital marketing strategy. Like pictures, video ads have the power to engage audiences effectively, as video consumption continues to rise. By putting a highly engaging message in front of a specific target audience, video ads can build brand awareness, increase sales, and deliver a high ROI. They’re also highly trackable which means you can measure their success – doubling down on what does work, and pulling back on what doesn’t!
Our expert team understands the unique dynamics of each social media platform and develops tailored strategies to showcase your brand’s video ad. From creating social media short video ads and product videos to explainer videos and brand awareness videos implementing targeted advertising campaigns, we ensure your brand stands out amidst the digital noise.
Where can video ads be used?
At Live Solutions, we understand that an effective social media presence goes beyond posting content. It requires a well-crafted strategy that aligns with your brand’s goals and engages your target audience.
Video ads can be used on various platforms, including social media platforms, ad channels, websites, TV, billboards, and more. Each of these channels will come with its own set of specs and requirements – as well as their own capabilities for targeting – so it’s important to have a plan for distribution and promotion before you get started with the video production process!
Our Short Video Ads Service Includes

Social Media Ads

Our team can create eye-catching short video ads specifically designed for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These ads are tailored to capture the attention of users scrolling.

Product Videos

Our team can create short videos highlighting your product’s unique selling points and generating interest among your target audience.

Event Promotion Videos

A short video ad can generate excitement and encourage attendance and our team can create promotional videos that showcase the highlights of your event and encourage viewers.

Explainer Videos

Short explainer videos help simplify complex concepts and our team create animated or live-action explainer videos that are concise, informative, and visually appealing.

Brand Awareness Videos

Short video ads can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and we create visually stunning videos that showcase your brand’s unique personality, values, and messaging.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials from satisfied customers is a powerful tool for building credibility with potential customers and we create short videos featuring customer testimonials and case studies.

Social Media Branding
Say More With Less
The Power Of Short Video Ads With Live Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers increasingly seek quick, engaging content that captures their attention. Short video ads have emerged as a powerful tool to achieve this goal, and the numbers speak for themselves. According to a HubSpot marketing report, 96% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a product or service, and nearly a third (30%) of all short-form videos are watched 81% of the way through. Oyolloo’s expertise in creating high-quality and effective short video ads can help your brand stand out and succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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