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As a strategic business asset, custom CRM development helps companies manage and automate their customer interactions. By streamlining tasks and keeping track of customer data, CRM systems reduce the time and effort associated with customer interactions, while optimizing sales cycles and identifying upselling opportunities.
Transform customer relationships with our custom CRM software development expertise. From seamless communication to efficient data management, our CRM development company is here to enhance every interaction. Elevate satisfaction, streamline processes, and boost your business success.
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Live Solutions assists global companies in developing, migrating, and adopting custom CRM solutions. Make the most of customer data, improve retention, and facilitate internal communication — all these within a single interface.

Following best industry practices, our CRM software development company helps each business solve its unique challenges with a personalized solution.

Unlock the potential of your business with our custom CRM solutions. Beyond just data collection, envision the features that drive your success. Ready to turn your CRM goals into reality? Let’s build it together for a tailored, high-performance solution.

Unlock the potential of your business with our custom CRM solutions
Building CRM from Scratch with Unique Functionality Set


Elevate your marketing strategy by orchestrating event-triggered, personalized campaigns seamlessly across various marketing and advertising channels. Leverage data-driven insights to refine your targeting and deliver compelling content that resonates with your audience, ultimately maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

Lead Capture

Effortlessly integrate your CRM with all lead generation sources, eliminating manual lead registration and streamlining the lead capture process. Enhance lead data accuracy and completeness by automating the capture of critical information, ensuring your sales team has a comprehensive view to convert leads into valuable customers.


Optimize lead processing speed and quality with live AI assistance, gaining end-to-end visibility into the sales pipeline. Empower your sales team with efficiency in daily tasks, such as automated follow-ups and personalized interactions, enabling them to focus on building meaningful relationships and closing deals.

Call Center

Automate inbound call routing, schedule outbound calls, and record calls for further analysis and service improvement. Enhance the customer experience by reducing wait times, increasing agent productivity, and gaining valuable insights into call trends and customer preferences.

CPQ and Billing

Take control of pricing data, including multiple price books, seasonal discounting, and multi-tier pricing. Automate quote and invoice generation for a streamlined billing process, reducing errors and ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions that enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

Order Fulfillment

Support various order fulfillment scenarios, optimize order routes with intelligent allocation to different inventory locations, and manage order returns efficiently. Improve order accuracy and fulfillment speed by implementing automated workflows and real-time tracking, ensuring a seamless and reliable supply chain process.

Customer Feedback Management

Implement surveys for feedback collection and analyze real-time customer sentiment to enhance your business's responsiveness. Act on customer feedback to continuously improve products, services, and customer interactions, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Spot optimization opportunities and foster data-driven business planning with intuitive reports, enabling informed decision-making for your organization. Leverage customizable dashboards and analytics to track key performance indicators, identify trends, and align your strategies with business goals for sustained growth and success.

Data Privacy & Security

Our CRMs are incredibly safe and secure CRM system. Our product passed our first Google Security Assessment successfully back in 2019 and has been doing it every year to confirm our compliance. We offer powerful security features to help protect your business against unauthorized access.

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Benefits of Our Tailored CRM Software Development

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